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These CBR clients were infused with their own cord blood stem cells as part of an experimental treatment. The results of these treatment may never be confirmed or published. These patient's results may not be typical of a patient with a similar condition who receives a cord blood infusion, and may be caused in whole or in part by other factors such as treatment in physical or occupational therapy. There is no guarantee that experimental treatments will be available in the future.

Emma Bing from What to Expect is expecting again and banking her baby's cord blood with Cord Blood Registry. Watch as she discusses her decision to bank and answers other expecting moms' questions.

Meet Ava! This little ballerina went from not walking to twirling up the dance floor. Every dance move Ava makes is an amazing achievement, because Ava has cerebral palsy. Watch her heartwarming story now.

For Cord Blood Awareness Month, we met up with Luke who has cerebral palsy. His family tried an experimental therapy involving infusion of his cord blood. We're still trying to understand if his cord blood stem cells played a part, but through Luke's hard work and other therapies, a wonderful thing happened. This is Luke's story.

Grace's parents didn't know Grace would be born with sensorineural hearing loss. But they luckily saved her cord blood stem cells with CBR, who was able to match Grace with a clinical trial for hearing loss treatment.

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